Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Star Wars is an iconic space opera that first debuted back in 1977. Over 40 years later, it’s still a pop culture phenomenon. With the Disney machine churning out new films from this galactic realm, the movie franchise is poised to be around for generations to come. But not everyone has a love affair with Star Wars. There are many people who have never seen a Star Wars film.

And to make matters worse, some of these same individuals don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Well, the Spoiler Zone is here to fix that.

Presented today is the spoilerific story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope illustrated with gifs. Consider this part one in a nerdylicious educational seminar to school the masses Star Wars vs Star Trek

And remember there will be SPOILERS! If you want to watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope without knowing what happens, stop reading now. 

What’s the movie about?

A young farmer who embarks on an adventure where he ends up using space magic to save the galaxy.

Well, how does he do that?

I’ll tell you.

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . there was an opening crawl that explains the ongoing war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion. It’s Team We’re Telling Everybody What To Do vs Team Nuh uh, You Can’t Tell Us What To Do. The rebels managed to pull off a suicide mission to retrieve the plans for the Death Star, a ginormous spaceship that resembles a small moon. Princess Leia is supposed to take the plans to her daddy, Bail Organa, an organizer in the rebel movement. But, she’s pursued by an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The Destroyer catches up with the tiny consulate ship and boards with an army of Stormtroopers. The crew aboard Leia’s ship are no match for the Empire’s white-armored warriors. Then, in steps Darth Vader like a boss with all his Sith swag. He has no time to play games with people. He just wants to know where the plans are.

Leia is captured right after recording a hologram message on the droid R2-D2. The little blue and white robot and his shiny, loquacious companion C-3PO board an escape pod and jettison out into space. They narrowly avoid getting fired upon by the Empire because the scanners don’t detect any life forms on board. It doesn’t make sense, but why waste a laser missile? The Empire is on a budget.

Darth Vader confronts Princess Leia about the location of the plans. But she’s sticking to the diplomatic mission story, even threatening to tell the consulate how Vader’s been a bad, bad boy.

But the Sith Lord isn’t buying her innocent act. He knows she’s working for the rebels, and orders Leia to be taken as a prisoner.

None of the Imperial space sailors can find the Death Star plans on the ship. It’s then that the escape pod is brought up, and Vader realizes the plans probably escaped within it. He orders that a search party go after the pod and bring back the plans.

The droids land on Tatooine, a desert planet. C-3PO has been bitching since they landed, but R2-D2 is not paying him any attention. The little guy has a mission and can’t be stopped. So, the robots go their separate ways.

The Jawas, these little dudes in hooded robes way too hot for a desert planet, capture R2-D2.

They catch up with C-3PO and snatch him up as well. Both droids end up in a Sandcrawler, an enormous tank-like vehicle which happens to be a robot thrift shop.

Meanwhile, the Stormtroopers are combing the desert trying to find the droids. And by combing the desert I mean this . . .

And not this . . .

Shout out to Spaceballs, a hilarious parody of Star Wars by the great satirist Mel Brooks. 

The robot thrift shop arrives at a farm settlement where Luke Skywalker and his uncle Owen check out the goods. They end up buying R2-D2 and C-3PO. Luke has plans to go into town, but Uncle Owen shuts that down real quick. Unc’ like riiiiiight, “power converters”. Won’t be no hanging out with the homies today. Instead, Luke will be cleaning up the droids and getting them ready for work. 

Luke is salty because he’s bored living on a Sahara Desert planet farming hydroponic crops and fixing droids. He wants action. Motormouth C-3PO gets to talking about the Rebellion, and Luke gets excited in a “Gee golly, mister, have you been in a lot of battles?”, kind of way. He’s tinkering with R2-D2 when he jiggles the little robot’s disc drive and a hologram of Princess Leia is projected on a loop telling Obi-Wan Kenobi he is her only hope. At first, C-3PO tries to play it off like it’s a glitch. But then he and R2-D2 go ahead and tell the truth. R2-D2 needs to get that message to Obi-Wan, who they claim is the little bot’s owner.

Luke says that he doesn’t know anyone who goes by Obi-Wan, but he does know this old dude named Ben Kenobi who lives out yonder. He describes the seasoned gentleman as a strange, old hermit. Aunt Beru calls her nephew for dinner, and he runs off to join his family while the droids banter back and forth about trusting Luke with the intel. Poor R2-D2 is left looking like the bad guy.

Luke tells his aunt and uncle that he thinks the R2 unit was stolen because there was a message uploaded referencing Obi-Wan Kenobi. The couple share knowing glances while Luke is looking down at his plate. Uncle Owen plays crazy and tells Luke to get the little droid’s memory erased. But Luke is concerned that Mr. Kenobi will come looking for his property. That leads to Uncle O disclosing that Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn’t exist anymore. And that he died at the same time Luke’s father did. When Luke does ask about Kenobi knowing his dad, Uncle Owen says to forget about it. His priorities are them droids. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to, Luke.

The conversation shifts to Luke’s role on the farm. He’s convinced that his family will be in good hands with the droids, which will allow him to apply to the academy next semester. Biggs and ‘nem left, and he doesn’t want to be the only one from the crew still on Tatooine. But Uncle Owen isn’t cool with that plan at all. Next semester is before the harvest. All hands will be needed on deck. Unc’ says just give him one more year. Harvest should be good enough for him to hire some extra workers. He stresses how much he needs Luke there. But nephew is not trying to hear that. He feels like he’s never going to get a chance to leave. So, he dismisses himself from the table and goes off to pout. Aunt Beru speaks out. She points out that Luke’s friends are all gone. And that Owen can’t keep that boy at the farm forever. He’s got too much of his daddy in him. Her husband states that this is what he’s worried about.

Luke goes into the workshop to find that R2-D2 has left. It’s almost dark and too dangerous to go after him, so the little guy is left to wander the desert alone while Luke broods.

The next day, Luke and C-3PO hit the desert to find the missing R2 unit. They locate R2-D2, but then have the Sand People to contend with. The Sand People are an aggressive tribe who look as scary as their fist pump. They attack and Luke is knocked unconscious.

The Dusty Terrain Community captures the unconscious Luke but is driven off by someone with an even scarier fist pump.

This turns out to be the strange hermit himself, Mr. Ben Kenobi.

Luke wakes up and tells Ben that they’re out here in these desert streets trying to find Obi-Wan Kenobi, alleged proprietor of R2-D2. Ben’s like, yeah, that’s me. Mr. Kenobi goes on about how he hasn’t gone by that name since before Luke was born. But Sand People are heard in the distance, so the men and droids decide to flee the scene.  

Back at Kenobi’s place, Ben discusses Luke’s father with details the action-craving lad has never heard before. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru had told Luke his daddy was just a boring, old navigator on a spice freighter. But Ben tells him that his father was a Jedi Knight, and they’d fought together during the Clone Wars.

Obi-Wan Kenobi has nothing but good things to say about Luke’s dad. Ben’s nostalgic moment leads to him retrieving a Jedi lightsaber from a chest, a weapon the older man says Luke’s father wanted the lad to have.

This prompts Luke to ask the big question: How did my daddy die? Obi-Wan tells him that Darth Vader, a former Jedi pupil of his, destroyed Luke’s father. The OG Dark Knight led an operation that killed almost all the Jedis. Vader betrayed and murdered Daddy Skywalker because of the dark side of the Force. Luke is curious about the Force, so Ben explains how this power is part of the fabric of the universe. It’s in everything, and certain individuals are able to harness this power and use it to manipulate the world around them. Space magic!

After this bro-out session, Obi-Wan is finally ready to get down to bidness and see this message that R2-D2 has been wandering aimlessly around the desert with. It’s a plea for Ben to get the Death Star’s plans to Leia’s father on her home planet Alderaan.

The old man is ready to do his part and encourages Luke to join the adventure. The boy should learn how to use the Force and travel to Alderaan. But Luke, who earlier was itching to get off Tatooine, is now coming up with a hundred reasons why he can’t leave. He has to make a choice on whether to finally get the adventure he’s been seeking or remaining stuck in his ordinary life.

Back on the Death Star, the Imperial officers debate about what action to take concerning the stolen data. The main issue is the Empire’s ability to maintain supremacy despite the rebels having those Death Star blueprints. An ambitious officer named Admiral Motti suggests that they use the Death Star to send a message. Darth Vader wants this dude to sit down and be humble. The Sith Lord says that the Death Star, as powerful as it is, is nothing compared to the Force. But Motti is feeling himself, so he begins to talk trash about the Force and how it hadn’t helped Vader find the rebel hideout or stolen plans. That’s when Vader proceeds to choke this guy out with the Force. No hands involved, just space magic suffocating the life out of a hater.

Grand Moff Tarkin, the head man on campus, stops Vader’s sadistic frat boy shenanigans and then tells everyone that the black-masked man will deliver as promised. So behave accordingly, gentlemen. Or rather, stop provoking dude. He cray. 

Luke and Obi-Wan are heading back to the lad’s place when they roll up on the Jawas and their robot depot tank. All the store workers are dead. Every department is destroyed. Based on the crime scene, they guess that Luke’s family is in danger, too. Luke rushes home to find his auntie and uncle burned to a crisp along with the farm.

Back on the Death Star, Vader prepares to question Princess Leia. He’s got a floating bot with needles heading towards her that would probably make most people confess before it got close enough to stick them. But this is Princess Leia, so she’s going to soldier through the torture. She looks worried though. Very worried.


Luke goes back to the super tank where Kenobi is waiting. He has decided to follow the old man on his journey. There’s nothing left for him on Tatooine now that his aunt and uncle are dead. Ben tells the young’un that they have to go to Mos Eisley Spaceport. It’s a busy town that serves as a meeting spot for locals and travelers to conduct business. At the moment it is crawling with Stormtroopers patrolling for two droids. When Obi-Wan and Luke ride up to the town boundary, they are met with troopers asking about R2-D2 and C-3PO. Obviously, these soldiers would be curious about the bots in the back seat. However, Kenobi uses his Force magic to glamour the Stormtroopers into believing they have made a mistake. The Jedi mind trick works. They get clearance to continue on their journey without incident.   

The group enters the Cantina where all types of aliens and humans do what folks in a seedy bar would do on the outskirts of civilization.

The bar doesn’t serve droids, so R2-D2 and C-3PO must find a safe place to hide while Ben and Luke find a space pilot. This place is totally out of Luke’s element, and he’s visibly uncomfortable. Two aesthetically unappealing aliens confront Luke because they don’t like him. Maybe they wish they were young, slim, and handsome. Who knows?


Regardless, the lad’s presence offends them. Luke is about to get attacked when old Ben comes through with the lightsabre and squashes all beefs. The bar pauses. Key body parts are lost by the fugly extraterrestrials. And then everyone carries on like nothing happened. It’s just a typical day at the Cantina. No big whoop.

The pair meet with the charming smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie associate Chewbacca.

They discuss the kind of transportation that avoids any Empire drama. The expensive kind of transportation. A generous fee is negotiated with the expectations that all travelers will meet at the hanger. Ben and Luke leave to fetch the droids while Han and Chewie celebrate the overpriced one-way trip Mr. Kenobi agreed to. Suckahs!

Ah, but then a bounty hunter named Greedo appears and holds a gun to Han Solo. Mr. Smuggler owes money to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba is a big-time crime boss who is upset about Han dumping cargo when the pilot thought the Imperial fuzz was going to board his ship. Solo insists that he has the money, but is totally BS-ing the grimy green alien sitting across from him. When he has the chance, Han uses a concealed gun to blast the bounty hunter. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of Greedo.

On the Death Star, the Grand Moff tells the frat guys that it’s time to party. And the next stop is Alderaan. Wooooohooooo!

The droids are working hard to go unnoticed in the streets of Mos Eisley. They evade capture by hiding from Stormtroopers. Meanwhile, Ben and Luke wade through the crowds unaware that an elephant trunk-nosed, cloaked figure named Garindan follows them from the shadows.

The retired Jedi and his soon-to-be apprentice make it to the hanger with the droids in tow and notice that Solo’s ship is old as hell. It’s a WTF moment as Han assures his passengers that the legendary Millennium Falcon will meet all their travel needs. While the smuggler is prepping for takeoff, Stormtroopers show up and begin shooting at the ship. It seems that Garindan fellow was a spy who provided the whereabouts of the droids. The Millennium Falcon takes off and is pursued by Imperial ships.

The Death Star has become the location of a major penis wagging contest. Leia is forced to join the sausage fest.

The head man on campus Grand Moff Tarkin starts hyping his guys up about the Empire asserting their power to show everyone who runs the yard. Leia tries to tell him that the more they do to control the galaxy, the more the people will resist. But he doesn’t care. The galaxy will put respeck on the Empire’s name. The Moff tells Leia that he will destroy her planet if she doesn’t give him the location of the rebel base. Faced with the destruction of her people, she tells him Dantooine. He says he’ll look into it. For a second Leia is relieved, but someone still needs to be smacked with the giant penis of the Galactic Empire. And Dantooine is too far away. So, Tarkin’s petty ass destroys Alderaan anyway. They fire the mega ray from the Death Star into the planet and it goes kaboom with Leia’s mama, daddy, and er’body. It’s beyond sad.

The dream team manages to escape the Imperial fleet and head to Alderaan. And they have a need for speed.

Onboard, Ben feels the deaths of millions of people through the Force. He’s worried about what that feeling means. It’s a brief distraction to Luke who is now training to be a Jedi. Han Solo has no problem saying he is skeptical about the space magic. Unlike Darth Vader, Ben chooses not to choke the naysayer. Instead, he demonstrates the power of the ancient religion. Luke is tasked to hit some small, floating targets with his lightsaber while wearing a helmet that obscures his vision. Luke is successful, but Solo still isn’t convinced the Force is real.

An Imperial surveillance team reports that Dantooine is deserted. There were rebels there, but they have been gone for awhile. The Moff is pissed that the princess lied to him, so he orders her to be executed ASAP.

The Millennium Falcon flies into what appears to be a meteor shower. It’s actually bits and pieces of Alderaan. An Imperial TIE Fighter passes over the ship. Han Solo decides it’s smart to chase it to keep the pilot from telling the Empire about the Falcon’s location. The smuggler stalks the guy and watches him head towards a tiny moon. A moon? Nah son, it’s the Death Star. They realize this was a bad idea, but it’s too late to retreat. A gravity beam from the spherical mega ship has them locked in. After some deliberation Han convinces his passengers the only choice is to go with it and dock. But he has a plan to keep them safe.

Imperial soldiers search the Falcon and find no one on board which looks really suspect. Darth Vader has a moment where he senses Obi-Wan Kenobi and understands things are definitely not what they seem to be. A scanning crew is ordered on board to make sure it’s empty for reals.

The scanning crew arrives and enters the ship. Some struggle noise is heard inside the Millennium Falcon. But the sounds are not threatening enough to arouse the attention of the Stormtroopers on guard at the bottom of the cargo ramp. A voice calls out for help, and the guards go inside only to find themselves attacked by Solo and company. Luke and Han don the uniforms and trick their way into a control room. The group takes out the Imperial guys stationed there. Then, they work on an escape plan. R2-D2 hacks the system to find the reactor responsible for holding the ship hostage in the dock. If they can disable the reactor, they can release the ship and get away. Kenobi volunteers to go find the reactor to Luke’s protest. But the mentor tells his pupil that the lad must guarantee the safety of the droids. And of course, the Force is with him.

Luke and Han argue about the next move. Luke wants to be the hero, but Han didn’t sign up for that job. He is a smuggler. He smuggles things. Little hacker R2-D2 interrupts the guys to share that he’s located Princess Leia. And she’s scheduled to be executed. Luke wants to rescue her but Solo is against it. The young warrior entices the charming smuggler with ideas of wealth and street cred if he helps to save Princess Leia.

They devise a plan to get to the prison area with Chewy in cuffs while the guys are in Stormtrooper uniforms. The plan works. They end up getting to another control room area where they must fight more Imperial soldiers. This time the fighting sets off an alarm on the console. The room is radioed to see what the hell is going on. Han Solo does his best to assure the person on the other end that everything is cool to buy some time, but the act doesn’t work. 

Luke finds the cell where Leia is being held. When he enters, she assumes he’s a vertically challenged Stormtrooper until he takes off the helmet.  Luke introduces himself and says that he’s there to rescue her. Pack up, girl. Time to go.

Darth Vader is not letting up about the Kenobi tingle. The OG Dark Knight tells the Grand Moff he felt a tremor in the Force that he knows is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Tarkin downplays the feeling insisting that the Jedi are extinct, and Vader is the only one left. But a call comes in about the alarm. It’s then that the head man on campus realizes there is a problem. Could Vader be right? Tarkin switches up the game saying that Kenobi cannot escape. The Sith Lord knows that escape is not his old mentor’s end game. Darth Vader announces that he must face Obi-Wan alone. It’s time for a real player to let er’body know what’s up.

The Imperial reinforcements have arrived. Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca are pinned in with gunfire preventing an escape. The droids are in the control room trying to hold off anyone from gaining entry. It’s looking bleak, so Boss Lady Leia takes charge and shoots at the Stormtroopers so she can create an escape opportunity for the group. She ends up shooting a hole in a wall that the four of them jump into. It leads to the garbage dump.

Tensions are high. Han is definitely not a fan of Leia. And she’s not a fan of his. The group contemplates their next move when Luke says something is alive swimming in the dump water. Suddenly, he’s dragged underneath the surface by a creature with tentacles.

Everyone is freaking out. Solo shoots at the monster wounding it, but there’s still no Luke. Miraculously, the young Skywalker emerges from the water alive and uninjured. But their situation is about to become pressing.

The sides of the dump begin closing in to mash the garbage. Luke frantically reaches out to the droids for help. Unfortunately, the two have been discovered in the control room. C-3PO puts on an innocent act and the troopers determine the bots aren’t a threat. The droids look for a less conspicuous place. Meanwhile, the dump walls are getting closer and closer. The group uses whatever debris they can find to hold the sides open.

The droids finally return to the dock where R2-D2 finds a spot to hack the system to control the wall mechanisms. The technological duo finally responds to Luke, and C-3PO urges the little robot to stop the walls from closing despite the fact that these folks keep taking Rad2-Dope2 for granted. He saves the fleshy guys and gal, and the group rejoices.

Kenobi is walking with a purpose and finds his way into the place where the reactor is. He turns it off like a smooth criminal. Now the Millennium Falcon will have a chance to escape.

The dumpster team makes it to the dock where the ship is being guarded by Stormtroopers. Solo and Chewy cause a distraction so that everyone can make it into the ship. But Leia and Luke still end up getting pinned in by trooper fire when they run in a different direction. Luke gets the two of them to safety, and they keep it moving to find a route back to the ship.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is still creeping around the Death Star unnoticed. Chewbacca and Han Solo have no such luck. They are dodging laser bullets everywhere they run. The droids are waiting for everybody to make it back to the dock because what else are they going to do? Droids run at about 1 mph.

Darth Vader and Obi-Wan meet in a corridor near the Death Star dock. Both draw their lightsabers and prepare to fight. The OG Dark Knight is having a Black Eyed Pea feeling that tonight’s going to be a good, good night. Obi-Wan Kenobi will finally be no more. The Jedi Master and his evil Padawan dual. The sound of their lightsabers clashing together echoes throughout the corridor.

All of the team members evading capture make it to the dock, but troopers are still guarding the ship. While the gang discusses a way to get to the Millennium Falcon, the white-armored soldiers are drawn away by something that has caught their attention. The group takes this opportunity to run towards their escape vehicle. Young Skywalker is in mid-run until he looks over to see Kenobi and Vader fighting in the corridor where the Stormtroopers are watching. A moment later, the Sith Lord kills the Jedi Knight. Ben’s body completely disappears leaving just the clothes he was wearing on the floor.

Luke screams out in horror, drawing the attention of the distracted Stormtroopers. A familiar voice tells Luke to run, so he does. Everyone boards the Millennium Falcon, and the ship escapes the Death Star.  

Luke is super sad about Kenobi’s death. Leia tries her best to console him. Solo interrupts the mourning session by announcing that they hadn’t gotten safely away yet. Imperial TIE Fighters are coming for the Falcon. Han and Luke get on the laser guns and fire back.

They succeed in destroying the fighters. But Vader has planted a homing beacon that he’s assured Grand Moff Tarkin will lead to the real rebel base.

Leia is smart enough to know that they are being tracked, but Han Solo disagrees. Their back and forth banter is full of passion and loathing. They gon’ smash.

The team arrives at the rebel base. The Death Star plans are retrieved from R2-D2. The council examine them and discover that there’s a weakness within the center of the Death Star. They determine that laser blasts from a starfighter could shoot the reactor core and destroy the Imperial mega-ship. Unfortunately, the trench leading to the reactor is too narrow for any fighter to fly through. It will take a very talented pilot to make the shot accurately.

The Empire has tracked Luke and the gang to the rebel moon base. The Death Star is getting pretty close. Meanwhile, Skywalker is preparing to go into battle with the other pilots. X-wing Starfighters are gearing up while the ground teams hurry around the hanger doing pre-flight routines. Han Solo is packing up with plans to head out with his reward. He can’t be bothered with fighting especially when he owes money to Jabba. Chewy, of course, wants his partner to be a better dude. The smuggler is many things, but being a team player isn’t one of them. Despite his selfish ways, Han has some encouraging words for Luke. 

Luke runs into Biggs, his homeboy from Tatooine, on the way to his jet fighter. They make plans to catch up after the battle.

Luke climbs into his X-wing Starfighter and makes final preparations while R2-D2 is lowered into a compartment in the back. The atmosphere is full of hope and good vibes but the stakes are high. The galaxy is screwed if the rebels fail. The squadron launches and heads to their target.

The rebel fleet reaches the Death Star and get in formation after all pilots check in with their super cool call names. But it doesn’t take long to realize this is going to be a daunting task.

It’s go time as the space jets move in to strike. Guns on the Imperial sphere fire at Starfighters as they fly by. Inside, Darth Vader is consulted about the rebel ships being too small to be detected by the Death Star’s radar, so he orders Imperial fighters to be dispatched.

Luke is hit, but R2-D2 is on the case quickly seeing to repairs. Rebel fighters move into an attack formation heading to the location of the Death Star flaw. They enter into the trench that leads to the reactor, but it offers little opportunity to escape enemy fire. Darth Vader is leading a group of Imperial space jets that are tearing the rebels into space shrapnel.

There is concern that the rebel attack plan will succeed, but Grand Moff is not trying to evacuate his people. Cocky is as cocky does.

More rebels move to the trench that leads to the vulnerable spot of the Death Star, but the Imperial fighters continue to defend the metal moon. The Dark Side is taking out rebel pilots left and right. Against all odds, rebel shots are fired into the reactor core, but they don’t make it into the hole. The Death Star is creeping closer to the rebel base putting everyone there in danger.

Luke is finally in the trench trying to take out the gun towers that are targeting the rebel fighters. Darth Vader kills his wingman Biggs, so there will be no catching up later. Dang, homey! 

Luke continues towards the vulnerable spot. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s voice has been encouraging Luke since before the battle. At this moment Ben’s ghost tells Luke to use the Force instead of the fighter’s targeting system.

The OG Dark Knight, who is pursuing young Skywalker, notes that the Force is strong with this rebel. Luke turns off his targeting computer and decides to rely on the Force. Imperial fighters threaten the young pilot and end up hitting his R2 unit. To make matters worse, the rebel base is now within range of the Death Star.

Imperial fighters almost get Luke, but Han Solo comes through and hits the three fighters trailing his friend including the one Vader is flying.

The Imperial pilots are destroyed, but the Sith Lord is knocked into space in an out of control spiral. Luke fires his shots into the Death Star, and the mini-moon is destroyed. Obi-Wan’s voice reminds Luke that the Force will always be with him.

Luke returns to the rebel base with a hero’s welcome as Leia and Solo hug him. Poor R2-D2 is damaged but he’ll be alright.

The saviors Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca Fuzzypants proceed down the walkway of a large temple-like building and are rewarded with medals of honor for their bravery and service by Leia. Solo winks at Leia because he’s such a scamp and they’re totally gonna smash.

The heroes turn around and are applauded by all the rebels.

The End

Darth Vader had it right. The Force is powerful space magic. It becomes even greater in the hands of someone with heart and courage like Luke. The destruction of the Death Star provides a new hope for a galaxy that has been goverend under the tyranny of the Empire far too long. Will the heroes continue to defeat the Dark Side? SPOILER ALERT: They do. 

I hope you have enjoyed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope here at the Spoiler Zone. Stay tuned for the next article that will convince you to live long and prosper. Hint, hint. Please share any comments or suggestions below. Thanks for reading!