6 Meal Ideas for a Nerdylicious Holiday



A little over a month ago, I was shopping in one of my favorite discount stores when I noticed that Christmas products were already on the shelves. My initial reaction was this:

giphy (2).gif

I had just finished up grill season with Labor Day. The last thing I wanted to begin planning was fall and winter holiday meals. For me, the difficulty lies in what to cook for five people who all have varying tastes in food. These differences make holiday meal planning a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the holiday, I’m stuck in the kitchen all day making food that I hope is appealing to everyone. It’s not a fun time. But this year, I intend to make it fun. How? By using fandom food blogs to prepare nerdylicious holiday feasts.

I went on the hunt for fandom food blogs on the interwebs and was pleasantly surprised to find so many great ones. These sites offer recipes inspired by TV shows, films, video games, novels, and more. Each one has a distinct personality that will cater to a variety of family chefs out there and their hungry hordes. So, I’m excited to present to the Nerdylicious Brigade 6 meal ideas for a nerdylicious holiday.



October is here. And in a few weeks, leagues of kids and grown-ups across the country will converge on neighborhoods demanding treats in exchange for immunity from trickery. They will be disguised in costumes that will delight or give a fright to all those who come across their path. And most importantly, they’ll all expect All Hallow’s Eve to be magical. What better way to create Halloween magic than with a Harry Potter-themed party. There are plenty of guides on the internet for planning a soirée inspired by The Boy Who Lived. However, none can top the awesomeness of food blogger Bryton Taylor’s Hogwarts Dinner Party. She goes to extreme lengths to duplicate the Hogwarts experience on her blog In Literature. A mega fan of the literary series, Bryton captures the ambiance of the wizarding school perfectly with her decor. She also offers plenty of recipes to please the palates of all types of party-goers.

If Harry Potter is a bit too dark for your potential party-goers, try the Adventure Time theme with the menu on Fiction-Food Cafe. Take guests on a journey to the Land of Ooo where they can dine on the delicacies enjoyed by Finn, Jake, and all their Adventure Time friends (or foes). Blogger Diana is all about a food adventure with the many recipes she’s created from the popular cartoon show. The fun will never end at your Adventure Time affair.



Thanksgiving is probably the holiday most Americans look forward to each year. It is a celebration of food, family, and football like no other. So ditch the boring turkey and green bean casserole for a feast fit for nobles with dishes from Game of Thrones. The Gluttonous Geek Catherine Eastis has devised Thanksgiving-worthy menus based on the Seven Kingdoms for two years in a row. Thronesgiving 2016 and Thronesgiving 2017 have meals with several courses that are inspirations rather than specific dishes from the books or TV show. But you can definitely see—and certainly taste—the effort she’s put into each item.

It’s possible that you might be interested in preparing food specifically from the novels or TV series. If that’s the case, you’ll feel right at home at the Inn at the Crossroads. Blogger and author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and her cooking partner Sariann Lehrer put together an extensive library of recipes from Game of Thrones. You can buy the cookbook here at Amazon. It includes an introduction by Uncle Grandpa himself, George R. R. Martin. Or, you can simply use the recipes offered on the blog. There are enough meals available to put together a feast that great halls across the realm would be proud of.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But, Christmas menu planning is always a struggle because most merrymakers don’t want a repeat of Thanksgiving food. So give the people what they want with themed meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Consider it your gift to them.

For Christmas Eve, give jolly old St. Nicholas a break and go with a Krampus-themed celebration. Let’s be honest. Your family members haven’t been on their best behavior this year. Maybe showing what happens to loved ones who don’t embrace the Christmas spirit will help them do better in 2018. Food blogger Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen got together with her crew at Food n’ Flix to create recipes inspired by the Krampus film. The menu is full of sweet treats, small bites, and comfort dishes to keep the family satisfied (and a little frightened) as they anxiously await the arrival of the hooved harbinger of doom.

Then, spend Christmas like a Hobbit with seven glorious mealtimes. The Feast of Starlight has many wonderful recipes to keep everyone well-fed all day long. The foods and beverages span across the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings novels and films. So, it doesn’t matter if you prefer the adventures of Bilbo or Frodo. The menu will be tasty. But traveling outside the Shire will be optional.

Are you excited about planning your holiday menus? I hope this article helped. Share what you’ll be cooking down in the comments. Bon Appétit!

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