Game of Thrones Mock Awards


It’s Sunday. And, I’m still coping with the fact that I won’t be watching a new Game of Thrones episode today.

This. Sucks.

Last week’s season finale was epic. I mean, I lost it on several scenes because so many awesome things happened. I felt bad for my son who watched me likely contemplating how he ended up with me as his maternal unit. Poor kid.

The withdrawal struggle is so real right now. Game of Thrones Season 8 might not air until 2019. 2019? That’s practically 2020, which is an entirely new decade. How will I make it? How will we make it? Because I know some of you are going to have a hard time waiting as well. I don’t consider Eric Cartman to be a role model. But, that whole South Park “Go God Go” plot is starting to sound kind of nice. The question is where would I freeze myself? And most importantly, who would be my wingman? Would you like to be the Butters to my Cartman?

Okay, okay. I’m not freezing myself. But, I will try to come up with some activities that will help make the time go by faster. Of course, with a Weiss and Benioff time warp, 2019 could be just around the corner. (Oh yes, I had to go there.)

Enough with being petty. 😛 I’m proud to announce that my first activity is  . . .

[Drum roll]

The Game of Thrones Mock Awards. These awards are meant to highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of Season 7 in a light-hearted, humorous manner. To create the ballot, I re-watched each episode several times. Potential categories presented themselves while I observed character actions and show events. Then, I built upon those categories and included any applicable cast members. Please be aware that this list is completely subjective. I’m sure there are many people out there who would either agree or disagree with the choices. That’s expected. But, remember that this is all in fun. Enjoy yourself! If people like it well enough, I’ll do a ballot for the previous Game of Thrones seasons, too.

The categories are:

  • Best Surprise Return
  • Best Combat Sequence
  • Best Collaboration
  • Best Suspension of Disbelief Moment in Episode 6
  • Best Savior
  • Best Renunion
  • Best C U Next Tuesday
  • Best Good Riddance
  • Best Romance
  • Best Quote
  • Best Sidekick
  • Best Arse
  • Best Style
  • Best Northern Lady

There are also two awards where you will get to nominate a recipient. These awards are the Summer-Hodor Commemorative Plate Award and the Eddard “Ned” Stark Humanitarian Award. Details for the award criteria are located on the ballot. Provide as much compelling evidence as possible to support your candidate.

Results will be posted next Sunday at 7 pm CST in a blog post on Nerdylicious.

Ready to cast your ballot? Vote here. You can vote more than once. That means if you are torn between two characters in a category, you can submit a vote for both. Yay!

What were you favorite and least favorite moments of Game of Thrones Season 7? Comment below to discuss.

Disclaimer: These mock awards are not affiliated with HBO. This is satire and meant for entertainment purposes only. 


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