Nerdylicious Randomness 5/21-5/27

Where do geeks go for friends, love, and stuff?

I’ve been working on my next big blog post for Nerdylicious, and it’s taking much longer than I had anticipated. The post requires me to rewatch a bunch of 80’s movies that I haven’t seen in decades. The viewings have been an eye-opening experience as I wonder exactly how much cocaine directors, producers, and writers were doing back then. I mean seriously, these movies were kind of out there. And you’ll get a chance to read all about it hopefully in a few days. In the meantime, here’s a bit of randonmess to tickle your fancy.

Building a Nerdylicious Network

In my introductory blog post, I lamented about sometimes feeling lonely in my nerdylicious world because my interests aren’t always considered mainstream or cool. So, I decided that it was time to try to become more social and reach out to other nerds and geeks. That was my intention with my Facebook page, but I’ve found that folks aren’t really interactive aside from sharing or liking posts. Therefore, it was necessary for me to step up my game and find websites specifically for geeks meeting geeks.

I did a Google search and found several sites promising to connect nerds/geeks for dating or social networking. After looking through the results on page one, I narrowed down my choices to three legit-looking websites. Well, so far I’m a little disappointed in the sites I opened accounts with. looked to be the most promising, but after exploring the website I realized that folks aren’t very active there. I’ll keep checking back to see if things get better. The experience with was similar. After registering, I noted that is more about matchmaking than developing friendships, so I doubt that I’ll be very active there at this time. But who knows. Maybe there is an Aragorn to my Arwen waiting to find me. Do you know of a nerd or geek website great for meeting new people? Please share.

Arrrgh! Eat Like a Pirate

Pirates of the Caribbean’s final entry into the franchise premieres this Friday, May 26, 2017. I’m still trying to determine exactly how excited I am about Dead Men Tell No Tales. Or whether I’ll bother seeing it in theaters. The trailer looks fantastic, but I’m not wholly convinced it will be worth it. The last Pirates movie, On Stranger Tides, wasn’t that great. I felt the franchise had peaked and was done after At World’s End. But you know how Hollywood is.

Well, I have used the movie premiere as yet another opportunity to enjoy tasty food stuffs. And, it is even more exciting at the prospect of using New World food. (I’m about to launch into a nerdylicious food history moment. You have been warned.) You see, much of the foods we enjoy today can be divided into two categories: Old World and New World. Old World food includes items available all the way back into Antiquity (think Persian or Roman Empire) up through the Middle Ages. New World food includes items stumbled upon by travelers and explorers to places previously unknown to the more modern world at that time: the Americas, the Pacific/Oceanic isles, and the Caribbean isles. Corn, turkeys, yams, and peanuts are just a few of the edible delights people learned about through exploration.

For my Game of Thrones themed dinner, I’m limited to foods that were available in the Old World. You’d be amazed at how surprisingly difficult it is to plan a meal without stuff you’ve come to accept as the norm, like potatoes or tomatoes. However, a Pirates of the Caribbean themed dinner offers some broader possibilities. So now I have, like, a day to figure everything I want to make for Friday to celebrate Jack Sparrow’s final appearance as movie-goers’ favorite, worst pirate. If I stumble upon some good recipes, I’ll let you know.

Yay, a Finished Book

I finally, FINALLY, finished reading the novel Morning Star by Pierce Brown. It is the final book in the Red Rising trilogy. I would highly recommend this series if you are into Utopian science fiction with a sprinkle of Roman society influence.

What had happened was . . .

There’s this future set up where humans are divided by occupational colors into socio-economic groups. People’s role in society is based upon the color they are born into. Darrow, a Red, lives beneath the surface of Mars with his family as part of a collective of miners who dig for helium-3, a necessary resource to power the Martian society. The mine inhabitants are led to believe that they are doing a job for the greater good of all. The Reds accept their role as determined by the Golds, society’s ruling class. As long as folks perform as expected, they can anticipate a decent life, but not without some challenges.

Darrow’s wife, Eo, is of the mind that their society could be much better if all colors were treated equally. (She woke). Eo channels her inner Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It” self, and becomes a martyr for a cause that thrusts Darrow outside of the comfort of their home in the mines. He’s surgically sculpted into the body of a Gold, and schooled on everything high society so that he can infiltrate the enemy in disguise with the purpose of breaking the chains. Thus begins the journey of the Reaper, and his battle against the status quo of his society.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this series. I never considered myself a huge fan of science fiction novels, but over the last five years I have discovered some entertaining books in this genre for both adults and young adults. Morning Star was a good conclusion to the series. The ending was completely unexpected. Though, I could have stomached a little more loss in terms of what was at stake. You have these key players all working to either preserve or reinvent modern society. More could have lost something. I only say this because so many characters died or experienced severe losses in the previous two books who you really might have cared about. The final installation was just a tad bit too “cuddly”. (This is coming from someone who graduated from the G.R.R.M. School of Hard Knock Game of Thrones Life.) Regardless, I felt a warm, solid sense of closure about things. Whatever happened to Darrow, I’m cool with it.

Well, thanks for reading about my randomness for this week. And don’t be shy. Share your comments below.

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