Who is the Nerdylicious Diva?


I’ve been a nerd all my life. Though I probably didn’t fully accept this until my mid to late 30’s. This was when I finally decided to embrace the geeky, awkward girl that I was in all her adult glory. I wasn’t totally unaware of who I was growing up. It was pretty obvious. But in my teens and 20’s, there was so much pressure to assimilate into the world of mainstreamers that I ignored my true calling.

All those years trying to fit in with mainstreamers¬†weren’t a total waste of time. I enjoyed the friendships and relationships that were developed. But, I regretted not having the courage to embrace my true self, and connect with other like-minded individuals. Now here I am at age 40 trying to make up for lost time. So far, it’s been fun. Is it a struggle at times? Sure. It’s hard being the only person excited about movies, TV shows, games, and novels related to my nerd interests. It can also be very lonely. Which is why I’m a big supporter of social media. Social media has connected me with people from all around the world who aren’t so different. That has been comforting and encouraging. And, that is why I started this blog. It’s an experiment that I hope gains momentum so other nerd girls don’t feel so alone regardless of their age, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or transgender status. We are who we are, and there’s no reason we should conform to make others happy.

This blog is a work in progress. I want to hear from you all, the Nerdylicious Brigade. Let me know the topics you’re interested in. I’m happy to write about them, or find an expert to provide the necessary knowledge. It’s all about balancing strengths and weaknesses. And, that’s where I’m excited about the prospect of networking with other nerd girls who can contribute to this experiment in areas where I’m not an expert. So, if you consider yourself to be an authority of the nerdy or geeky kind, holler at me. Let’s make magic.

Thank you for joining the Brigade.


  1. I’m not really a nerd… I don’t really think I fit into any category at all. I’m just myself I guess haha. But I love reading about other groups of people and I think. I’m going to love reading your blog!


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