Top Mother’s Day Gifts for Nerdy Girls

Mother’s Day 2017 is just around the corner, and it is inevitable that nerd girls around the world will be disappointed with their “normal” gifts. Lamentations will be heard across the galaxies. And it’s not their fault. Most products marketed for Mother’s Day don’t exactly target geek gals who’d much rather have a plush bouquet of Dark Side than a fresh bouquet of flowers.

The Nerdylicious Diva has compiled a list of items that are certain to appeal to the Nerdylicious Brigade.  These items are sure to make every geek mom out there feel wonderfully appreciated on Mother’s Day.

Non-adulting with nintendo


Gamer moms spend a lot of time non-adulting in front of screens sitting on some semi-comfortable chairs. So, what better way to show this particular mom that she is loved than with a Shiatsu Gaming Massage Chair. It will work out the knots and kinks as she prepares to pown all her haters. It’s also the perfect place to try out the just released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch. The deluxe version of the game boasts features like new vehicles and smart steering. Oh, and she can hold not one, but two items at a time to attack other racers. This experience wouldn’t be complete without an awesome set of headphones. A pair of Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones offers just that. Mom can listen to music or chat with other gamers all in style with fun color changing lights. Now, gaming can also be a thirsty business. So, get Mom a mug she can truly appreciate. This Game Boy Heat Change Molded Mug can be used for hot or cold drinks. The mug displays an image of Mario rescuing Daisy when filled with a heated beverage, which might be a welcome sight for those caffeine-fueled, late night gaming sessions. And, let’s not forget that Mom will need somewhere to place her mug and gaming equipment. No need to worry. Get her a Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. This sturdy, handmade table is a replica of the classic Nintendo controller. It’s protected by a glass top, and offers enough room underneath for storage baskets and bins. An organized gamer is a happy gamer.

 Every rose has it’s gold


The chic nerdy mom likes to mix swag with technology. And she loves shiny things. Which makes the rose gold Apple iPhone 7 the gift that will win her geek girl heart. The iPhone 7 is the latest mobile device in the Apple series. Improvements have been made to the camera system, battery life, display, and speakers. It’s also water and splash proof, which will give Mom peace of mind if she accidentally drops her phone on a rainy day. The last things anyone wants is for Mom to ruin her phone, or to run out of power. So, get her a Cynthia Rowley Portable Rechargeable Backup Battery. This rose gold and white power bank has a capacity of 6000 mAh with universal connectivity. It’s enough juice to make missed calls and text messages a thing of the past. But, running out of power isn’t the only thing to worry about. If Mom is a frequent traveler, it’s important to know that she is safe wherever she goes. That’s where a Divina CUFF Smart Jewelry Pendant Necklace comes in handy. Available in rose gold, this necklace is able to send and receive emergency alerts to anyone in Mom’s CUFF network when there is trouble. It stays fully charged for 6-12 months, so that’s one less thing she has to worry about. Which gives her plenty of time to focus on her activity levels. If mom is trying to get in more steps during the day, get her a First Date Rose Gold and Moonstone Ring. This sophisticated piece of jewelry records steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. No one will ever guess that Mom’s ring is actually a fitness tracker. And whether she’s doing the stairs at work during lunch, or taking baby for a stroll around the block, she’ll love moving in style in rose-colored aHead Wireless Headphones with gold accents. These headphones have up to 14 hours of playback time so that Mom can rock out all day from morning commute to bedtime.

Dragons and Magic

dragon-1748524_1280Nothing makes fantasy moms happier than dragons and magic. The power of fire breathing beasts and spell casting mages is quite titillating.  Be sure to get this mom a beautifully crafted Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica. This goblet is a relic of House Targaryen from their ancestral seat of power at Dragonstone. It’s perfect for Mom to drink the blood of her enemies, or maybe just some red wine. Either way, it’s probably appropriate that she is wearing an “I’m Not A Princess” Women’s T-shirt while enjoying her beverage. It’s a bold statement piece that lets everyone know that the Khaleesi of House [insert last name] is not to be trifled with. And when she shows up to a D&D session wearing that tee along with red and gold D20 Twenty Sided Earrings, no one will mistake her for anything other than a RPG boss. Fortunately, there is a softer side to Mom. It’s when she wants to start a new fantasy fiction series like Brimstone Angels from the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms Series. There are enough novels in the series to keep her content and curled up on the couch with a good book and good drink for awhile. There are also moments when she might want to Netflix and Chill. Give her a remote worthy of a magic-wielding goddess. The Magic Wand-Programmable Remote has 13 magical features with the ability to learn from existing remotes. Once Mom masters the controlling spells, she’ll rank amongst the most supreme pajama-wearing sorceresses in the world.

A spot of time traveling tea


Science fiction moms who love time travel will likely find themselves fan girling over Doctor Who. While they might disagree on which Doctor Who is the best, they will definitely come together to support all things TARDIS.  Treat Mom to a Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot. It holds up to 25 ounces of liquid, and has a snug lid to keep beverages hot in between cups. But don’t stop there. Make it a set with a Doctor Who TARDIS VS. Dalek Cream and Sugar Set. If Mom’s desk isn’t the most popular at work, it soon will be with these eye catching items. Then of course, there is the matter of the tea. There is no room for boring old earl grey. Mom deserves the TARDIS Blend Tea. It’s described as an “ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla.” Since loose tea can be a bit disorganized, it is a good idea to invest in a Beaded Tea Infuser featuring TARDIS and Dalek charms. It will keep the tea from going wibbly, wobbly while it is being brewed. And since tea drinking can be a hungry affair, make sure Mom has proper snackies. An Assorted 15 piece Macaron Box from Bottega Louie will brighten her day with plenty of colorful flavors made to please a Whovian girl.

Shhhh! Hail Hydra!

CaptainHydra2Not every comic mom roots for the good guys. There are some that realize it’s exciting being on Team Villain, especially when it involves being an undercover superhero. Help Mom show her sleeper agent side with a S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Hydra Allegiance Pendant. She can flip the pendant to display her true loyalty when it’s safe.  A good sleeper agent will also need to keep up with the latest digital comics, TV shows, and movies for intelligence gathering. So, get Mom an Apple iPad Pro 9.7 in space gray for all of her on-the-go media needs. CNET ranks it as the top tablet of 2017. It comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from Apple with features that range from 10 hours of battery life to a fingerprint reader. And, spies love fingerprint readers. They also love protective equipment. This Marvel Avengers iPad Case with the Hydra logo is just the thing Mom needs to keep her tablet from receiving nasty nicks and scratches. Plus, it has a handy swivel stand for when she wants to be hands free with her device. But, don’t forget that Mom needs to be incognito with her allegiance. Which is why she’ll need this Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Backpack. This luxury bag is as flexible as Agent Mom with the ability to be worn as a backpack, crossbody, and satchel purse. The final gift a Hydra mom will need for world domination is a Hydra SmartBottle. It’s the most functional water bottle imaginable with features that range from speakerphone for hands free calling to Red LED emergency lights for . . . emergencies. And yes, it holds water, too.

Hopefully, there were plenty of gifts above to choose from for the nerdylicious girl in everyone’s lives. Please note that many of the vendors listed have special promotions just for Mother’s Day. Don’t miss out on those fantastic deals. It’s not too late to make Mom feel special, but May 14th will be here soon. Have fun shopping.

Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for reading!

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